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You will really enjoy making this tasty Hawaiian shrimp scampi.

The Shrimp

One of the keys to any great dish is the freshness of the product. Be aware that the shrimp that is available to the majority of us is frozen. The good news is that it is individually quick frozen IQF. This is the best kind of frozen when it comes to food. In this dish the key is the shrimp. They must be U-15 shrimp. The u means under and the fifteen is the number of shrimp. This means there must be under fifteen shrimp to a pound. You want them with the shell on and deveined.

Other ingredients

Ten gloves of garlic, about one head chopped into small cubes. A cup of flour mixed with two tablespoons of paprika and a quarter teaspoon cayenne pepper mixed together. Keep in mind that paprika can be smoked, usually from Spain, or sweet. Place the shrimp in the flour mixture and make sure the shrimp are well coated. One or two teaspoons of salt is required. An eighth cup of white wine is needed towards the end. Also two tablespoons of butter is the last ingredient.

Cooking the Dish

Heat up the pan on the stove making sure you get the pan up to heat before trying to sauté. Want to pre heat on high, till hot. Pour in a half cup of clarified followed immediately by the garlic. Clarifying butter is simply using heat to remove the milk solids. To clarify butter, place the butter in a pan, heat to boiling and strain. Eight ounces or two sticks of butter will boil down to four ounces or half a cup. If you want to get the flavor but not use all that butter, use about two ounces of butter and the rest vegetable oil. Let the garlic cook for about a minute and then drop in the shrimp. Sprinkle one or two teaspoons of kosher or sea salt but if you have table salt that will work too. Cook till the shrimp have turned pink, turn the shrimp over and cook till the whole shrimp is pink. Now add the eighth cup of white wine and then the two tablespoons of butter.

This dish is easy to prepare for and one that will certainly tingle your taste buds when you Hawaiian shrimp scampi.

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